Is It a Bull or Bear Stock Market? – Expectations Knows!

Why does the stock market go up one day then fall flat on its face the next? The media always has an explanation. One day the economy is on a road to recovery and the next is doomed to fail. If we were to make investment decisions based on the medias interpretation, we would be buying at the highs and selling at the lows.

If it is already raining outside, how does a forecast for rain help us? What we really need to know is when the sun is coming out. What we need is a barometer. When a barometer’s pressure is rising we can expect good weather is on the way. When the barometer’s pressure is falling, we should prepare for bad weather. So what is the barometer for the stock market?

The simple and most logical answer is, expectations. When expectations are falling as with a barometer, we can expect the market to start deteriorating. When expectations are rising like a barometer, we should expect the market to start improving. Probably the most important point to understand is when the pressure can’t get any lower or higher.

Stock market direction is our reaction to expectations improving or deteriorating. An example of how expectations influence our behavior is best expressed by the following.

Imagine twin siblings attending the same school and enrolled in the same classes. One of the twins typically gets straight “A’s” while the other regularly gets “B’s”. On report card day both twins come home with straight “A’s”. Which twin will have the biggest reaction from their parents? The obvious answer is the “B” student, but is it warranted?

The straight “A” student works hard all of the time, while the “B” student is capable of getting straight “A’s”, but chooses to only get them when he or she wants a big reaction from their parents. This example shows us that the parents’ larger reaction with one twin over the other was determined by expectations.

This example also shows us that once we reach a peak in high expectation there is no other direction to go but down. It’s impossible for a straight “A” student to exceed expectations at this level. The higher we move in expectations the smaller is our margin for error.

The above example plays out in the markets regularly. How many times do we see a company report earnings and beat estimates by a large margin, yet the stock sells off because it just was not enough? On the other hand, how many times have we seen a company miss earnings, but one little data point beats expectations and the stock takes off? The difference between these two companies is the level of expectations the market has for them.

If we just look at the daily market action, we are just looking out the window. If we really want to forecast future market conditions, we need to know which way expectations are going and at what point it can’t get any worse or better.

To learn how to create an indicator that tracks the stock market expectations and identify its limits, read ” The Art of Expectations “.

Article Marketing – My Insider Secrets To Getting Explosive Traffic From Articles

You do get a lot of traffic initially when your article is posted on directories, but the key to long-term traffic is to use the right keywords in your articles.

The visitor rate per article won’t be as hot after a while, but with 500 articles or a few thousand articles, it won’t be a big deal because some of your articles will get traffic from the search engines, and also from the search bar in the article directory itself, if you’ve done some good keyword optimization in your title, article keywords, description and actual article content.

You do want to get out as many articles as you initially, then once your traffic has become stable, add in articles occasionally.

You can also submit your articles to other article directories. If you haven’t used article submission services before, you can add that to the mix. That’s one more way of leveraging your articles.

You can also use your articles as press releases, and even for classified ads. I haven’t seen many people post articles on classified ads. Your article will stand out as a powerful advertorial amongst the sea of hard-selling ads.

Personally I prefer writing the articles myself, it can be hard to find a writer whose writing style matches the brand of your business. You can, however, find some good writers on sites like Elance and Get A Freelancer. Simply hire a good one to do your projects for the long-term if you are not interested in writing them.

Those are just some tips for getting leads and sales from articles. Do keep them in your mind as you go about your daily marketing activities. Quantity and quality equals power. There is no black or white.

Internet Marketing: The Golden Key to Success is in Your Hands, But You Ignore It!

Success is the Blue Bird everybody is chasing, struggling to catch, but only a few people have been able to grab it!

Most probably, you have been one of the hard chasers,
extremely busy writing ad copies, articles, press releases, sending them to media outlets and popular publications, striving night and day to promote your business using the most powerful Internet marketing strategies.
You have subscribed to hundreds of safe mailing lists, ezines, newsletters, sent your ads and articles to them regularly, spending your valuable hours and days. But the response was disappointing.

Then you tried to hire advertising agencies to make the
effective e-mail advertising for you. You paid them a lot
of money.

Finally you made a number of sales. But the results were
far from being satisfying. The money you made did not
even cover the expenses.

Then you wrote articles, you hired copywriters to write
more articles and press releases for you and you sent
them out to thousands of media outlets and thousands
of popular publications. To your surprise, the profits you
earned were not enough to pay the bills. You wonder why!

You have launched several weblogs (blogs), now you’re working hard to place fresh content in your blogs everyday or every other day, while submitting your blogs, comments, content to other blogs, which take a great deal of time, but you have not received one single visitor to your blogs yet. You don’t know why!

You have purchased an aggregator to read the RSS feeds
you were receiving, you also bought a software to turn
your articles and press releases into XML and RSS formats before sending them to RSS feed providers and distributors, e-zines, newsletters, news portals, blogs/journals, media outlets and relevant publications.

So, you’re spending a lot of money, time and efforts,
struggling like mad to market your business, website, blogs using the most powerful Internet marketing strategies, hoping to make your business a success to earn you a comfortable living.

After so much struggle, tears and sweat, are you happy and satisfied with the results you are getting now? No, most probably you are not!

How do I know? I know, because I had been there, too, until I discovered what was missing. Then I also discovered what the solution was. There is one thing you must do; there is one thing you and I and everybody must do to earn more money. Do it now, do it everyday until the end of your life:


You are extremely busy submitting your ads, your articles,
your press releases night and day, but you do not read
other submissions.

You might say you do read some ads and articles when
you find time to read. But I’m sure you find time to read
only once in a while, because you’re too busy writing ads,
articles, press releases and submitting them to millions
of places every day. You are an extremely busy marketer.

All other marketers and business owners are too busy to
spare time to read. So, eventually you don’t read other
marketer’s articles and ads, and they don’t read yours. Or,
you all read only once in a while, which is obviously not
enough to produce the positive results to make you happy.

Then what’s the use to work so hard to write articles, press releases, ads, RSS feeds and more, and struggle so hard to post them to millions of portals, websites, media and publications, if nobody or only a few people would read them?

It’s a great waste of time, efforts and money! Of course, there are businesses and individuals who earn truck loads of money, but it’s only a small percentage in a crowd of millions of income seekers.

I am sure that the number of big money makers will grow fast when we learn how to play the game abiding by its rules.

We must admit that we need a great number of audience to read our ads, articles and other content in order to receive the great response we expect.

The great number of audience we need to earn more money is composed of you and I and other online business owners and opportunity seekers.

We can earn more money when our ads and content are read by more people who are our potential customers.

So, you and I and all others must read as much articles, ads, press releases, RSS feeds as we can. There is a simple solution for all income seekers to earn more money, which is a one small magic word.


Don’t just write and submit, but read, too.

Read and encourage your friends, members, affiliates,
associates, customers, potential customers to read!

If you and all other millions of marketers and income seekers spare one our a day to promote their businesses, they must spare another hour to read. Reading must be considered as the important part of Internet marketing.

If we all build a reading habit, if we all include serious reading in our daily marketing program, if we all perceive reading as an important part of marketing, we all could be sure that our ads articles, RSS feeds and other promotions will be read by thousands of more potential customers daily, which will substantially increase the number of our sales, revenues, profits, and ROI (return on investment).

We learn the most powerful Internet marketing tactics and secrets by reading. We find out about new opportunities, new technology, new powerful ways in effective Internet marketing, The benefits we get from reading articles written by other entrepreneurs are unlimited.

Reading is the golden key to success which shouldn’t be
ignored. Never!

Keep reading !!