Overcoming the Obstacles of Affiliate Marketing

The concept of affiliate marketing is well founded in the development of the Internet as a global marketplace. While traditional businesses use similar sales methods, an Internet-based affiliate marketing method has its unique characteristics and thus, has its unique drawbacks and obstacles. In simply stated terms, the issues that arose from traditional marketing had a business providing commissions or other benefits for the public or its dealers or representatives to promote, sell and advertise its services.

In the early years, this was accomplished mainly with banners and/or an overabundance of emails being sent repeatedly, now known as spam. Today, email communications have developed into a more mature and controlled area in online marketing which many serious businesses are embracing and utilizing in their daily marketing routines.

Here are five obstacles to overcome:

As a large crowd of affiliates might act as a powerful lead generator network, the network does incur issues resulting from that same large crowd mentality. If left uncontrolled and unsupervised, the network has been found to cause problems for a business’s reputation due to the affiliate partner’s illegitimate or even hostile spamming actions.

*This can be the first main obstacle in the setting up of an effective marketing plan. You must ensure a proper control and code of conduct towards and for the affiliate members.

For a business to effectively use affiliate marketing, another obstacle can be found at the point of the delivery in a client’s browsers. More and more of client devices are blocking 3rd party cookies by default and even blocking other advertisements. As end-users become more and more aware of these mechanisms to block any unwanted advertisement content, the potential value of affiliate marketing decreases for the business trying this method of distributing its product or service.

*The second main obstacle is then the decreasing availability of advertising access being delivered to a client’s device.

With the globally diverse nature of things, any industry established standards or training with a formal certification authority should not be expected in the near future although many local legislatures and new global agreements are addressing the illegitimate actions including and not limited to everything from spamming to the serious offenses of cyber-crime. Although this is a fast growing issue online, future industry standards and training regulations of online marketing are slowly being enacted that speak to all of the current issues surrounding affiliate marketing and online advertising methods.

*The third main obstacle is having effective regulation for the various affiliate marketing methods.

The regulations are not easy to comprehend nor comply to, nor even to be aware of. With all that a small business has to absorb and put in place to be able to legally open their doors to do business daily and with a small staff normally at startup, the small business’s capacity and ability to implement these regulations are minimal at best.

*The fourth main and top obstacle is the regulative obscurity found in the mesh-like network of these new regulations.

Content creators, affiliate marketing providers and businesses alike, are in the constant struggle with search engines trying to push up their content in the index and increase their page ranking and placement. If they are successful in accomplishing these tasks and have the increases they work for to be able to attract more traffic to their affiliate marketing page the results accomplished are generating more revenue from the company providing the affiliate marketing program.

*The last obstacle is the highly protected indexing algorithms used by the global indexing search engines.

As you can see, much work is and will be required to monitor and control affiliate marketing for it to be a business worth online respect.