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5 Tips For Starting Your Own Internet Network Marketing Business

It’s powerful. It effective. It can explode your business. So what is an internet network marketing business anyways? The name internet network marketing is a a combination of two industries – internet marketing, a term used for marketing a product or business on the internet and network marketing, a term used for marketing a product or opportunity using word-of-mouth.

If you have been in network marketing for any length of time you have probably had someone in your upline tell you that there is no possible way to build a successful network marketing business online and that they only way to do it is to make a list of everyone you know on planet earth, call them and offer them the chance to partner with you in your business opportunity. Well this is one way to do it but doing it this way also limits your access to pool of resources that can help you build your network marketing business faster and with less rejection if you know how to do it properly!

Now we all know that social media is HOT, HOT, HOT!! I mean smoking HOT! You may be wondering if you can actually build your network marketing business on the internet when all you’ve ever been taught was how to take to your warm market and pass out fliers at the mall.

Well, I am going to show you what it takes to start succeeding in your internet network marketing business, how to do it right, and how to utilize the internet to ATTRACT people who already know about network marketing, want to the the best at it, understand the power of it and are willing to work for it.

Ask yourself this question…Isn’t the best person to recruit into your network marketing business someone who WANTS to succeed?

5 Steps For Starting Your Internet Network Marketing Business

1. Set Up a Blog!

This is the hub, your headquarters online. This is where you craft and distribute all of the content you create online. I highly recommend you use a self-hosted WordPress blog. Why? With a WordPress blog you own your content and since you are in business for yourself don’t you think you should own your own content? I mean you can get a free blogger or blog BUT this means that they can remove your content if you violate any of their terms or policies.

So if you are a serious internet network marketer the best move is to get a domain name from sites like and set up hosting through a webhosting service such as hostgator. It is inexpensive, it’s professional and it is customizable. You can build your blog anyway you like.

A blog is the very best way to get found on Google and the other search engines, it’s the best way to build an interactive community of people who share similar interest and it is easy to integrate with social media which can make your blog VIRAL for even more traffic.

2. Create Quality Content

What do want to learn as a network marketing building your business online? What challenges do you face getting traffic, generating leads or making sales? What strategies and tips have you learned that you know other marketers would love to get their hands on so they can start seeing the results they want? If you can stay in tune to what people need to know and the solutions they are looking for you will become a valuable asset not only to your business but to others as well.

For example, one of the biggest challenges in building an internet network marketing business is how to generate leads. Learn about how to overcome the lack of leads and share what you learn on your blog. By helping other marketers solve this issue you are becoming an authority on the topic and you will begin to ATTRACT people to you who want to learn from you and possibly partner with you in business.

3. Drive Traffic To Your Content

So what do you do with the quality content you create. You SHARE it! Use social media, forums, and other sites to drive traffic to your blog. You can share your links on Facebook, Twitter, social bookmarking sites such a StumbleUpon and Delicious. Start following people within your niche that share your same interests so you can start driving them to your site.

4. Build Your Mailing List

Use autoresponder software, such as AWeber or iContact, to start generating leads for your business. When a person takes the time to put their contact details in to your opt-in box, then you know that they want to learn more (or maybe they just want that free gift). You can continue to send them follow-up emails, tips, and training through your autoresponder to build relationship with them. Take a look at the layout of my blog to see how many opportunities my readers have to opt in to my mailing list if they are interested in learning more about internet network marketing. By building a substantial list you have the chance to recruit people into your business as you continue to build trust with them.

5. Be Consistent

Maybe the most important of them all -BE CONSISTENT. So many times people quit before they really breakthrough in their internet network marketing business because they are not consistent in their daily marketing routine. They don’t see the massive results they expect or “see” others getting so they give up too quickly. When you are consistent you are dedicated to the entire process of building a successful business online, that means that it takes time, hard work and simple implementation. Building an internet network marketing business is not easy but it is simple. Stay the course and the rewards will be more than you could have ever imagined!

Separate Yourself With Unique Network Marketing Techniques

Everyone is advertising on social media and through text messages about their new endeavors. Many people today have picked up a network marketing job. This means that the competition is fierce. What you have to do is separate the way you market from everyone else so that you can be viewed as more credible. If you do not figure out how to present yourself as better than your competition then you might set yourself up for failure.

Blogs are not utilized enough by network marketers. Create a blog based around the products you are promoting. Give something people can read to draw their interest. People that may want to purchase your product, but do not have financial means to do so will take an interest in your blog. When they feel the time is right, they should head your way for advice. Blogging can also help you establish credibility because you will write about the products you are marketing. Random followers from the Internet may even stumble upon your blog and give it a read.

Establish a regular group of people to help showcase your products. If you are promoting kitchen cutlery then consider creating a web series to showcase the products. Show the power of the knives you have for sale and how good they cut. Inform your audience of the features available from each item. People promoting nutrition products for fitness should consider holding exercise classes. Create a workout schedule for people to follow and invite them to your home to workout. Consider hosting a weekly jog session where people can get some exercise mixed in with the nutrition products you are promoting.

Figure out a way to give people a reason to commit to your products. Just make sure you refer to the rules and regulations in your paperwork before proceeding with these types of efforts. Do not break any rules by posting videos online or placing an ad in a local newspaper to join you in fitness exercises. Show people on social media how much fun you and your customers are having with your products. Make all of the pictures you post interesting and appealing. This will make people think twice before overlooking any of your posts.

It has always been easier to sell a product when you make it look essential or rewarding to purchase. Figure out what type of marketing works best. Marketing is your number one solution to reach your goals. Ask people what they like best about your marketing efforts and how you can improve. Brainstorm new strategies to implement into your daily marketing routine and see which pays off.

Note that the first few weeks or even months of your network marketing efforts may start slow. Do not let a slow start discourage you. Remain dedicated to marketing and with a consistent effort your goals will be achieved. The reason why most people do not succeed when it comes to network marketing is because they do not commit. Separate yourself with these marketing strategies and you will set yourself up for success.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns to Try Out

The number of global mobile users officially surpassed desktop patrons in 2014. While the overtake is not surprising given the significant increase in consumers preferring the ease and compactness of using mobile devices for online activities, it does mean that many brands need to reconsider their operative model, specifically in regards to advertising.

Initially, companies introduced mobile into their marketing strategies as a traffic channel. Websites and email were redesigned to be mobile friendly so that in the event that a user happened to check their email or browse online with a phone or tablet, they could view the page that suited the screen size of their device.

Over time, brands began building apps to encourage even more engagement from users who preferred desktops as a platform for online browsing. However, mobile apps don’t fit the business model of every brand and mobile devices can only store so much data, meaning users are selective over which ones they download. There are two low-risk ways a company can initiate their mobile campaign strategy without terminating their ongoing efforts in other channels.

Require Mobile Engagement

Many companies have ongoing campaigns that can be extended to require mobile engagement. For example, a brand trying to generate more app downloads can offer a 15% off coupon via email and a 20% off coupon if the purchase is made through the app.

Taco Bell and other food chains have incorporated this strategy into their ad campaigns by offering a free item for customers who order online via the mobile app. Consumers don’t typically order meals on their phones, especially from fast-food venues, but the promotions have sparked an increase in mobile orders across the board. Although a large share of Taco Bell’s customer base will continue to order on location, the brand is ahead of the game as consumer purchase behavior will inevitably evolve in the next few years and their app will already be operable and optimized. Plus, since they’re initial campaign was wildly successful they can continue to force engagement with giveaways and exclusive promotions that only mobile users can enjoy.

Launching email and display advertisements that are only clickable on a touch screen can also elicit mobile campaign engagement. Users can view the coupon or banner on a desktop, but can only cash in on its value by using their mobile devices. T-Mobile recently ran a campaign in Austria that required users to hit a moving target on their phones. Once they hit the target, they were redirected to a page made especially for mobile users who could view the capabilities of their new product in a way desktop users couldn’t appreciate. The campaign received over 600,000 views and experienced a CTR of 1.42%, almost twice the amount of engagement seen by the brands other ads.

Enhance the Mobile Experience

Enhancing the typical mobile experience with ad placement on commonly used apps is an easier, less-involved way of increasing mobile engagement. Many companies have developed mobile-optimized video advertisements to place on Pandora, SnapChat and Instagram so that users will see them anytime they use the app. These videos differ from the desktop version of video ads in that they automatically adjust to full screen. Although consumers have to watch the ad to get to their next destination, they can at least enjoy the advertisement in full-screen and high resolution. Similarly, Facebook and Twitter offer sponsor ad placement specific to device apps, which maximize exposure for brands attempting to gain a mobile audience. Facebook’s video ads are formatted so that they automatically begin play when visitors scroll by them.

Companies truly have an endless amount of options to choose from when developing a mobile campaign strategy. With so many consumers turning to mobile devices for Internet usage, establishing a mobile audience is critical to the near-future success of a marketing campaign. Even if they can’t predict emerging customer needs and consumer trends, all brands should make a conscious effort to incorporate mobile advertising into their daily marketing strategy.