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What Is Marketing On Facebook? A Quick Overview of Marketing With Fan Pages for Small Business

Facebook has are over 500 million users, and it is estimated that at least 50% of them – that’s 250 million people – login to their accounts on a daily basis. It is a no-brainer that your business should be on Facebook connecting with a targeted audience of users who want to buy your products and services.

Imagine what would happen to your business if you connected with only a tiny percentage of those millions of Facebook users? Think of what it could mean for your sales figures if you carved out even 1% of that daily market… that would be 5 million people. Now, that’s a lot of people.

Developing Marketing Campaigns

A number of years ago, there wasn’t a realistic process available to sell your products and services on Facebook. But, all of that has changed. You can now launch your products and services quickly and easily, allowing your offerings to go viral in record time, just by putting up and promoting a fan page.

Definition of Marketing with Facebook Pages

Fan pages are exactly what they sound like – pages that are designed around a specific topic that you’re a fan of or are niche marketing in. Using some of the new services, Facebook can become your advertising medium of choice, and a boon for small businesses with limited budgets. You can build a business fan page by hand if you have some web design experience.

Some tips to remember:

1. Header should be 518px x 100px

2. Aweber blends in real nice for your opt-in box which is an autoresponder that allows you to stay in touch with your subscribers over the long-term.

3. It’s easier to use a third-party vendor like Photobucket to store your pictures than on Facebook.

4. YouTube videos work really well. Make a video using Animoto which is free and easy to use.

What Facebook Marketing Is

The definition of Facebook marketing is to find people interested in your product and convert them into customers. With the viral nature of this medium, employing fan pages makes it easy to combine it with inexpensive advertising on Facebook to quickly grow a list of loyal customers.

Marketing on Facebook Automatically

If you want to go automatic consider two places, – one is called Fan Page engine which has templates and a point-click interface, and a a new service that’s just launched called FB Launchpad has brought cutting-edge technology to building Facebook fan pages. With this new service you can build a page that puts hidden “like” content, sliding tabs that are animated which you won’t see in any other fan page template engine.

Key Universal Laws of Business For Network Marketers and Multilevel Marketers – The First Law

There are universal laws in all of created nature and humanity. Gravity, light, hunger, growth, and reproduction are good examples. Business is a necessary outgrowth of our human ingenuity, needs, production, and economic motivations. So, universal laws apply to business, as well.

The first law of network marketing and business that I want to cover is the universal working law of “Struggle.” Struggle is built into our world design. It can be seen from something like a chick struggling to crack and exit its egg, to a lady working out at a gym to push her body to be more healthy and strong, to a new person on the job getting trained, to a student in school trying to learn through listening, reading, doing bookwork, memorizing, and taking tests. Struggle is part of the fibre of our lives and it is very good for us. It helps us grow, get stronger, stay alive, learn, accomplish, compete, invent, become victorious, earn an income, maintain our health, and have relationships – oh what struggle and work they can take! Raising children with training and good discipline takes work. We can call it struggle, too.

The lack of the natural physical struggle that gravity gives causes our astronauts to create their own struggle by exercising in space. If you are out of the gravitational pull or lay still too long your muscles start to deteriorate (atrophy). The best musicians work hard and struggle with their musical craft. The best sales people practice and get experience. Great debaters practice and participate in debates. The best politicians… well, forget that! I guess they cause us to struggle. You are probably thinking that it is just work. That is it. The struggles of working at something.

Take a look at the concept of struggle within the business arena of network marketing. Based on what we already know about struggle, the first thing we must do is embrace the presupposition that struggle is good for us. It is productive, healthy, necessary, and right. Many of you have done that naturally in the process of growing up. Some of us have fought it and resented it. I am encouraging you, especially as network marketers, to embrace it as one of the best things in life. Yes, the struggle of building a network marketing business is a fantastic thing and will bring wonderful results.

That old saying, “the best things in life are free,” is true here. Struggle is free to you. It will come freely and frequently. Make it one of your best friends instead of a resented enemy. Approach your network marketing struggles like the athlete excitedly anticipating working out and competing, like a mother in her determination as she gives birth, like a child practicing a piano song and finally playing it, and like a retail employee helping a customer find what is needed.

To take action: (1) embrace struggle as a good thing that is helping you in your network marketing business; (2) apply yourself in your daily business struggles/work with enthusiasm and motivation, knowing that good things are developing in you and in your business; (3) read my articles defining weekly character qualities that can be helpful in the struggles of developing yourself; (4) engage the struggle in your daily marketing tasks: phone calling, advertising, writing, networking, training, selling, recruiting, emailing, being friendly, reading, going to meetings, being creative, and having a positive attitude.

Good Struggles for Now, Your Fellow Struggler
JF Hunt

2 Big Affiliate Marketing Mistakes That Can Hinder Your Success

There are a lot of mistakes that can be made when it comes to affiliate marketing. Don’t get me wrong, this is an awesome business, and it’s something that you should continue to pursue if you have already got started in it. The more effort you put into making your business work, the higher the chances of success that you will receive.

But… no matter how hard people try, they always seem to struggle with getting sales. This can happen for a wide variety of reason, and these are some of things that I want to talk about and discuss in this lesson. If you give me the time to point out some of the things that may be hindering your success, I think you will find this lesson quite useful. Here’s the first reason most people fail with affiliate marketing.

1) Thinking if they build it, people will come

Don’t think for one second that just because you build a website or blog, throw some affiliate products on there, and offer an email subscribe box – that people will find you online. You have to be proactive in your marketing efforts. Otherwise it won’t get you far when it comes to getting customers and more sales.

Instead of being lazy with your marketing, make it a point to do something new each day that will grow your business. This is a very important point to consider. If you don’t know how to market successfully on the internet, how will you expect people to find your site? This is common sense.

If I were you, I would come up with a daily marketing plan that you can follow each and everyday, to further grow and enhance your business. Different people grow their business in different ways, but I think that if you put yourself on a schedule you will be good to go. Here’s another reason why people fail with affiliate marketing:

2) Not promoting a good product

It’s important to go into a niche market and promote products there. But if you’re promoting a product that is stagnant, isn’t getting any sales for you, and you’ve been at this thing for the last 6 months… it’s time to cut it loose. Always find winners that people have been successful with, and start marketing to get sales.

Be sure to build your own email list so that you can get a predictable and consistent stream of traffic and sales coming in everyday. Rome wasn’t built in one night, and neither will your internet business. So keep learning about affiliate marketing, get traffic, and learn how to drive traffic to your website.

Good luck with your affiliate marketing efforts today.